What actually Modesto Milling Horse Feed is?

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overweightModesto Milling horse feed, as its name says, offers a modest line of all-organic foods. The food is made with high-qualityย organic ingredients and is free from soy, molasses, and corn. Oats, barley, alfalfa, peas, flaxseeds, organic coconut flour, and sunflower seeds are used in the Modesto milled food.

For a healthy coat and hooves, they add natural vitamin E and biotin supplements and essential oils and herbs to give flavors. Modesto Milling offers Senior pellets, Supplements pellets, and Alfalfa pellets plus feeds and provides a range of feeds, supplements, and treats with offer nursery, senior and low starch along with specialty options. They focus mainly on sports horses, racehorses, and top performers to meet the need for nutrition and health that a performer needs to top.

Modesto Milling Horse Feed Products

The products that are best for horses in your stable are:

  • Horse Senior Pellets
  • Horse Pellets
  • Alfalfa Pellets
  • Kelp Meal
  • Zeolite
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Sodium Bicarb
  • Redmond Rock
  • Redmond Salt Bags
  • Redmond Conditioner
  • Barley, Whole
  • Flaxseed, Whole
  • Oats, Whole
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Soybean Meal

Their specialty is that they design and formulate feeds according to the horse’s age and what class they belong to. The feed is specially designed and formulated for young and mature horses or stallions, active horses, show horses, mature horses, special needs horses, and horses of all stages of life.ย Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Modesto Mills offers healthy fodder, a shiny coat, and healthy skin. A wide range of feeds is recommended by them to help keep your horses shining, healthy and beautiful.

Enrich Source of Energy

Modesto Milling Foods are enriched with organic sun-dried alfalfa, organic oatmeal, organic coconut flour, and easy-to-digest organic sesame powder. It is a vitamin A and vitamin D3 supplement.

Modesto Millings and Customer Preference

Modesto Milling Organic Feed logo with a green and blue color schemeCustomer reviews have found that Modesto Milling products are preferred by customers or horse owners. Because the feed is completely organic, Modesto Millings offers feeds that have a healthier effect on the horse’s health with increased muscle gain for a shiny horse coat.

Modesto Milling Horse Feed Ingredients

It is based on all organic ingredients. Modestoโ€™s ingredients include wheat, soybeans, sunflower seeds, flax, rice, barley, alfalfa, and sodium bicarb. It is a high-fiber and low-starch feed. Feeding with low starch and sugar is healthier for horses and livestock.

Treats and Supplements

As mentioned before, they have a wide range of feeds, snacks, and supplements that are widely used to meet the mineral and vitamin needs of their horses and are loved by their customers with positive reviews. Modesto offers a wide variety of snacks and supplements. It is specially designed for horses with special needs. It’s made from reliable, high-quality components to ensure your horse gets enough energy. It is a mineral supplement. This replenishes minerals that your horse lacks.

Modesto Animal Testing

Close up of a pile of mixed light and dark brown grains and black oblong seedsModesto Millings offers a wide range of foods and supplements, but they have stated that they do not encourage any kind of animal cruelty. To test the product, they only use it on their pets or the ones who willingly participate. For best results, it is important to test the product before putting it on the market. It is therefore tested on voluntarily participating customers or on the manufacturer’s pets. They make sure no animals are harmed when testing foods and supplements.

Modesto Milling Nutrition

Modesto Milling has a more nutritious feed for horses. Their Alfalfa Pellet is full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This forage is a great source of proteins and energy density. Vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E can be provided to the horses through Modesto Millings feed and supplements.

Price Range

Modesto Milling is considered an expensive feed. It ranges from 20$ to 80$ per month, per horse. Depending on which feed you are using for your horse and how much your horseโ€™s daily intake is. Modesto Millings has been successful in providing high-quality, healthy feed, but it has the drawback of being very expensive and sometimes out of the affordable range.


Modesto Milling produces feeds that are organic and free of corn, molasses, and soy. It has a variety of feeds, supplements, and treats that include supplements of vitamin E and biotin for the healthy hooves and coat of your horse added with essential oils and herbs flavors liked by your horses.


Modesto Milling Horse Feed contains 12% protein and 2.5% fat with wheat middlings, corn and peanut hulls as the main ingredients.
The main source of starch in a performance horse diet is cereal grain (oats, corn or barley)
Alfalfa is higher in calories and protein than grass hays, which makes it an excellent choice to help to add weight to a thin horse. If your horse tends to be wasteful with his hay, he may eat more when offered alfalfa hay cubes or pellets.
Corn is one of the most energy-dense feeds and contains a high content of carbohydrate. Corn has a high energy content per unit of weight and a high weight per unit volume. Therefore, a given volume of corn contains approximately three times the amount of energy as an equal volume of oats.

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