Keeping Horses Healthy with Stabul 1 Feed

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Stabul 1 is a US-based horse feed production company that focuses on providing low-carbohydrate feeds for horses with special nutritional needs. The company’s formulations are designed for animals that are prone to Cushing’s disease, are overweight, and are prone to EPSM, insulin resistance, or laminitis.

Stabul 1 Product Line

Stabul1 provides the following products:

These are made from organic and natural ingredients and are specially designed to focus on performance horses.


Two 50 lbs bags of STABUL 1 EQUINE DIETS Fundamental Nutrition horse feed from Anderson Feed Co. in red and blue colors with yellow and black label  Stabul 1 offers all-natural, low-starch, and low-sugar horse feed that is ideal for easy keepers. The company formulates full nutritional feeds to help animals recover from different diseases without medication or with less medication. Stabul 1 feeds are mainly nutritious feeds that are specially designed to meet your horse’s nutritious needs. A horse requires to be fully nutritious to have good skin and a shiny, healthy coat.

Treats and Supplements

Their treats come in many tastes, such as banana, strawberry, peppermint, and peanut flavors. These are full of nutrition and can be used for horses prone to EPSM, Cushing’s disease, metabolic syndrome, or laminitis issues.

Stabul 1 treats are low-carb healthy horse treats.

Health Benefits

Stabul 1 helps with maintaining your animal’s health by stabilizing and balancing chronic conditions your horse may be facing by only using nutrition from the feed. They help you and your horse to come out of chronic conditions without using medication or using less medication. The company focuses on the horse’s age and health condition and fulfills all the nutrition needs with their feed and supplements only.

Animal Testing & Feed Testing

Animal testing is the last process of any food or product development. The feeds prepared by this company are first tested and then made available in the market. They take good care of animals while testing out the products. They make sure no harm is done to the animal, and the product is being tested.

Product Manufacturing

Six bags of Stabul Nuggets horse feed in different flavors arranged on a beige countertopFeed is made with soybean hulls, alfalfa, and beet pulp. Probiotics are added to help microbial fermentation. Feed by Stabul 1 also has vegetable oils in it that help in maintaining the body, hair, and skin. Vegetable oils are used to increase energy in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are added to support the immune system. The amino acid present in the feed acts as a support to build strong muscle tissues, so after heavy training, your horse will recover soon.

Price Range

Affordable horse feed and simple packaging are convenient to buy from anywhere. Being a good quality feed in the industry, the products may have different prices according to what you are using for your horse.

Product Comparison

A clear bag of Stabul Nuggets horse feed with a blue horse head on the label, listing features such as balanced vitamins and minerals, low starch and sugar, and added probioticsIn comparison with products from other companies, Stabul 1 surely knows how to make their customers happy and content with the results. Providing them with full coverage feeds, they make sure that your horse is always in good shape and actively participating in life activities. As per customer review, Stabul 1 is a good feed to keep up with the health of your horse, as well as it, is very affordable.


In conclusion, the company has a reputable horse feed production company based in the United States. While their product range may not be as wide as some other companies but they specialize in creating feeds that meet the nutritional needs of horses with specific metabolic issues.

Their products such as

  • Stabul 1
  • Stabul 1 Plus
  • Stabul 1 Treats

are made from natural and organic ingredients and are low in sugar and starch.
They offer quality feeds at an affordable price, making it easy for horse owners to provide their animals with the necessary nutrition without breaking the bank. In comparison to other companies. They stand out with their emphasis on quality over quantity. They offer their customers full coverage feeds and ensure that their horses look healthy and happy.
Overall, Stabul 1 is an excellent choice for horse owners looking to provide their animals with the best nutrition, especially those with specific metabolic issues. With a focus on low-carbohydrate, high-nutrition feeds, and supplements.


Roughage/ Forage Roughage, found in hay or grass, is the bulk of the horse's food. Grass or alfalfa hay, or a combination of the two, are good sources of roughage. Grass hay is generally higher in fiber and dry matter than alfalfa, but alfalfa may be higher in protein, energy, vitamins and calcium.
That's why GRO 'N WIN™ or Senior Balancer are the perfect ration balancers to complement your horse's forage. Created to be fed as stand-alone feed or as a top-dress to your horse's daily grain ration, both are formulated with a precise balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for ideal nutrient balance.
The low calorie content makes balancers an especially good choice for horses and ponies that maintain their weight on a forage-only diet or for those that require less than the recommended amount of compound feed. “Every horse needs a balanced diet.
Alfalfa is higher in calories and protein than grass hays, which makes it an excellent choice to help to add weight to a thin horse. If your horse tends to be wasteful with his hay, he may eat more when offered alfalfa hay cubes or pellets.
  • Sugar Beet Horse Feed.
  • Straight Horse Feeds.
  • Conditioning Horse Feed.
  • Balancer Horse Feed.
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