Modesto Milling Organic Feed

Modesto Milling Organic Feed

About This Item:

Modesto Milling Organic, Non GMO Horse Supplement Pellets, 25 lbs

  • Premium USDA Organic GMO-free ration balancer type horse feed supplement designed with a small feeding rate to supply the complementary amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals for most forages.
  • Great for sensitive horses – formulated without soy or soy byproducts, corn or corn byproducts, wheat or wheat byproducts, or molasses.
  • Contains a complement of prebiotics, probiotics and toxin binders to support digestive and immune health.
  • Fortified with biotin and omega 3’s for coat and hoof health.
  • Ideal as a stand-alone supplement fed with a forage hay for horses prone to being over-weight or combined with organic grains or alfalfa pellets to make an organic feed.
Brand Modesto Milling Organic Feed
Flavor Carrot
Item Form Oil, Ground
Item Weight 25 Pounds
Target Species Horse

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Enhance your horse’s health with Modesto Milling Organic feed, and Non-GMO Horse Supplement Pellets. This premium USDA organic feed is specially formulated to provide the perfect balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals for most forages, all at a small feeding rate.

What sets this supplement apart is its focus on the well-being of sensitive horses[1]. By eliminating these common allergens, Modesto Milling ensures that even the most delicate horses can benefit from this supplement.

Not only does it provide essential nutrients, but it also supports digestive and immune health. The supplement contains a complement of prebiotics, probiotics, and toxin binders, promoting a healthy gut and a strong immune system. Your horse will thrive from the inside out.

The formula is fortified with biotin and omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the overall health of the coat and hooves. Your horse will showcase a shiny, lustrous coat and strong, resilient hooves, ensuring they look and feel their best.

This can be used as a stand-alone supplement when fed with forage hay. It’s particularly beneficial for horses prone to being overweight. Alternatively, it can be combined with organic grains or alfalfa pellets to create a comprehensive organic feed.

Choose the Modesto Milling Organic, Non-GMO Horse Supplement Pellets for a top-quality, organic feed that promotes your horse’s well-being. Give your horse the nutrition they deserve and watch them thrive with every bite.


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