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Hallway FeedsBag of Mueslimax high-energy high-performance nutrition from Hallway Feeds are family-owned and operated horse feed company that mainly focuses on producing and providing advanced equine nutrition. Hallway Feeds and Kentucky Equine Research partnered to develop quality feed and supplements with ingredients all selected by hand. They focus mainly on sports horses, racehorses, and top performers to meet the need for nutrition and health that a performer needs to top.

They also offer nursery, senior and low starch along with specialty options. It is nutrient-dense to lower feeding rates, sugar, starch intake, and calories. It is very good for horses that are hyperactive or with special needs. The company is at its best to formulate feeds and supplements with special blends of soy-free feeds infused with nutritious seeds and vegetables.

Hallway Feed Products

Some of the products Hallways Feeds offers are

  • Race 13
  • Fiber-energy
  • Distinguished
  • Stamm30
  • Quantify hallway
  • HandiMash
  • Luminance
  • Prep 14
  • Staminoats
  • Potenza
  • Equitability
  • Encompass
  • Edge 14
  • Tab
  • MuesliMax
  • Poize
  • Pure & Simple Balancer
  • Stallion Max
  • Special13
  • Super16
  • Tradition12
  • Super Staminoats
  • OO16
  • RG 14
  • HoofStim
  • HydraBoost
  • ProEntera
  • Re-leve
  • Re-leveVirtual Sport
  • All Phase

White bag of Hallway Feeds Encompass horse feed with purple labelHallway feeds have a very wide line of products. They offer feeds and supplements and treats for your horses that are healthy, and easily digestible. It is nutritious and full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Hallway feeds offer feeds for horses from all classes and age groups. Some special feeds are designed and formulated to meet the needs of special horses, training horses, performance and race horses, senior, broodmare, and young and growing horses. For instance, Hallway has feeds that make sure your horse does not get an excessive amount of grain that might cause muscle complications, colic, or Laminitis Virtual.

Why Choose Hallway Feeds Horse Feed?

Choosing hallway feeds means choosing the best for horses in your stable. Hallways feed virtual offers premium quality feed that can be visibly seen after you use it. From recovery of the horse after rigorous or hard training and competition to making their coat slick and shiny.

Hallway Feeds Nutrition

Hallway feeds a source of fiber energy with high fat and fiber sources. Their high-fiber textured feed is specially designed for performance horses. It contains minerals, vitamins, protein carbohydrates, amino acids, and fat/ fatty acids to fulfill all energy needs. It has healthy ingredients for healthier improvements. They make low-sugar and starch blend for horses with special diet requirements. They mainly focus on performance horses, racing, breeding, and growing horses.

Treats and Supplements

Hallway supplements and treats are there on the market. For better electrolyte balance and digestive health, it is important to give your pet a good source of vitamins and minerals. Supplements by Hallway Feeds are a source of electrolytes. It is good for hoof health, digestive health, and overall well-being. Supplements and treats are used to fulfill the requirements of minerals and vitamins that your horse might lack

Animal Testing of Hallway Horse Feed Products

White environment-friendly paper bag of Hallway Feeds Race13 horse feed with blue and black labelAs it is important to have the product tested before it is out in the market for the customer, Hallways tests and makes sure the product is healthy and beneficial for the customer’s horse. Hallway always has encouraged them to put a stop to animal abuse, and they stand by their opinion when it comes to their product testing.

Low-sugar and starch Horse Feed

Hallway feeds provide low-sugar and starch and high-fiber and fat feed to help your aged partner perform well. It is specially designed to help horses with special dietary requirements and senior horses. With low calories and high energy. Low sugar and starch help horses digest food faster and utilize energy for a longer time and are more active and fresh.

Hallway Feeds and Others

When comes to comparing feeds by Hallway and other brands, it is important to know that quality matters more than quantity. As per the customer’s review, Hallway feeds are always on top when we talk about nutrition that is necessary for your horse’s health.

Price Range

It is considered affordable horse feed. The price range fluctuates depending on which feed you are using. Feeds and supplements used for performance, racehorses are usually expensive as they need more energy-boosting foods. And when you are treating young, growing, or pregnant horses, it usually costs more as they need proper nutrition for growth. For senior and older horses, it depends on their health condition and activity level to exactly know which feed is fed. So basically, prices range from horse to horse and the condition of their health.


Hallway’s wholesome blends and low starch and sugar feeds for horses focus on breeding and growing, performance, racing horses, and seniors horses feed offer premium quality feed. They offer special feeds for the racehorses and sport horses to give them proper nutrition and fulfill all the needs to make them perform well. They use “Unique Edge Technology” which helps provide a readily accessible form of digestible energy that is equivalent to 90% of oats energy.


Fibre and oil provide slow-release energy whereas sugars and starch provide quick-release energy. For lazy horses where more sparkle is required, cereal grains are usually fed as they provide lots of starch and therefore quick release energy.
NSC is a combination of WSC (water-soluble carbohydrates, aka sugars) plus starch. WSC + Starch = NSC.
According to the UC Davis Refeeding Program, starved horses do best when initially fed frequent small meals of a high-quality alfalfa. During each feeding, you can slowly increase the amount of alfalfa fed, while also gradually decreasing the number of feedings that you provide over the initial 10-day period.

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