Cavalor Horse Feed for High-Performance Horses

Cavalor logo featuring a black and white horse head in profile with the brand name in blue letters

Belgium-based Cavalor is a leading global brand in the equine nutrition and care industry, renowned for its high-quality horse feed and supplements. Founded by Peter Bollen in 1989, the company has gained a solid reputation by conducting in-depth research in sports horse nutrition and developing a product line tailored to the unique nutritional requirements of high-performance horses.

Cavalor Product Range

Cavalor logo featuring a black and white horse head in profile with the brand name in blue letters Cavalor offers a wide range of premium horse feed, supplements, and care products suitable for horses of all ages. Each feed provides a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition, ensuring a balanced diet and ample energy for all activity levels.

With options such as

  • Fiber Force
  • Fiber Force Gastro
  • Fiber Beet Mash
  • Silhouette
  • Mash & Mix
  • Cavalor has a product line that can meet every horse’s needs, from young foals to aging seniors.

Cavalor Horse Feed

Cavalor knows that every horse has different needs, especially those that work hard or race. That’s why they’ve created horse feed that’s specially made to provide the right nutrients for performance horses, hard keepers, and those with busy training schedules, helping them stay healthy and strong. With Cavalor’s products, horse owners can effectively build strong and healthy horses that fulfill their unique feeding requirements.

Treats and Supplements

Two horses, one chestnut with a white blaze and one dark brown with a green halter, standing in a field with mountains in the backgroundCavalor’s supplements and treats provide horses with all the nutritional requirements necessary for optimum health. Their high-fiber supplements and snacks enable easy digestion and high energy levels, including high fatty acids that promote energy. Cavalor’s supplements and snacks are a great way to provide horses with essential vitamins and minerals. They provide high-fiber snacks with flavors like carrots, berries, sweet treats, and salt licks that contain minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.

Cavalor Nutritional Coverage

Cavalor’s horse feed features low sugar and starch levels to prevent digestive issues. Cavalor’s horse feed is designed to promote a healthy digestive system by using low sugar and low starch ingredients, such as lucerne, teff, and beet pulp, which help regulate blood glucose and insulin levels. Special blends of highly digestible natural feeds, including puffed and flaked grains, bran, linseeds, prebiotics, and dried vegetables that are high in electrolytes, stimulate digestion.

Cavalor Balancers

Cavalor’s balancersA group of horses of different colors running through shallow water at sunrise or sunset provide essential vitamins and minerals to meet these requirements, supporting the healthy growth of hooves, hair, and coat. Their product line offers a complete and balanced blend of nutrients to fulfill the nutritional needs of horses.


Cavalor offers a comprehensive range of high-quality horse feed, supplements, and care products. Cavalor has developed products that meet the nutritional requirements of horses at every stage of their life, with a particular emphasis on performance horses, racehorses, and hard keepers. Cavalor’s dedication to innovation, quality, and results has made them a trusted and highly respected brand in the equine industry.


You should feed a high protein, highly digestible feed, without going overboard on sugar and starch. You can use straights, alfalfa, beet pulp, micronised linseed, wheat bran or rice bran combined with a high quality hay or access to pasture.
Cavalor makes good quality feeds and supplements and also gives good advice. It is nice to have a nutritional partner seeing that our horses can deliver optimum performance in competition. And not worry about doping substances. Every horse is different and has different needs.
Feeds which are high (above 14%) in protein include alfalfa or clover, soybean meal, brewers' grains and milk by-products. If a mature performance horse is fed alfalfa or clover hay, it will not need a protein supplement. The important electrolytes are potassium, sodium, chloride and calcium.

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