A weak, middle-aged horse grazing in a green field struggling to eat grass

What is HYPP in Horses?

HYPP stands for Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis, a genetic muscle disorder affecting some Quarter Horses. Celery is a high-potassium food, and horses with HYPP are sensitive to potassium. Eating too much celery can trigger a HYPP episode, which can be life-threatening. Horses with Hypp It’s a genetic condition that affects horses. It causes a build-up of […]

What is HYPP in Horses?

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Tribute Equine Nutrition Horse Feed

Tribute Equine Nutrition formulates their feeds and products’ nutrition so the horses will need to have less feed and supplements to fulfill their needs.Β  It’s a family-owned company producing horse feeds and supplements with special blends of soy-free feeds infused with nutritious seeds and vegetables. Their main focus is to have better growth of horses.

Tribute Equine Nutrition Horse Feed

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