Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets

Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets

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Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets |All Natural Equine Digestive Supplement to Maintain Gastric Health | Helps Prevent Ulcer Formation | 10 LB

  • GASTRIC HEALTH: Helps maintain gastric health and a healthy stomach lining in all classes of horses
  • PROPER STOMACH pH: Aids in maintaining proper stomach pH to help prevent ulcer formation
  • CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM: Contains Calcium and Magnesium that aid in acid reduction
  • ALL-NATURAL: Formulated with all-natural ingredients
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Per Scoop (1 oz): Magnesium (980 mg), Calcium (705 mg), Glycine (560 mg), Zinc (65 mg), Licorice Root (9 mg), Aloe Vera (1 mg) INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Diatomaceous Earth, Dried Cane Molasses, Gelatin, Kaolin, Magnesium Silicate, Methylcellulose, Natural & Artificial Apple Flavoring, Propionic Acid (A Preservative), Saccharin Sodium, Sodium Bentonite, and Vegetable Oil.
Brand Manna Pro
Age Range Description All Life Stages
Target Species Horse
Item Form Pellets
Specific Uses for Product Sensitive Stomach

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Give your horse’s digestive system the support it needs with Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets. Designed to maintain gastric health and promote a healthy stomach lining, this all-natural equine supplement is essential for horses of all life stages. The pellets are formulated with carefully selected ingredients to aid in proper stomach pH balance, helping to prevent the formation of ulcers.

Each scoop of Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets contains key active ingredients, including magnesium, calcium, glycine, zinc, licorice root, and aloe vera. These components work together to support a healthy gastric environment and reduce acid levels in the stomach. By maintaining proper stomach pH, this supplement helps safeguard against ulcer development and promotes overall digestive wellness.

The all-natural formulation of Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets ensures that you’re providing your horse with a safe and effective digestive supplement. It is free from artificial additives and is made with high-quality ingredients, including dehydrated alfalfa meal, diatomaceous earth, dried cane molasses, and natural apple flavoring. The pellets are easy to administer and can be incorporated into your horse’s daily feeding routine.

U-Gard Pellets are suitable for horses with sensitive stomachs and can be used across all classes of horses. Whether you have a performance horse, a senior horse, or a horse in need of digestive support, this supplement is designed to provide the necessary gastric health maintenance.

Choose Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets to keep your horse’s digestive system in optimal condition. Trust in the brand’s commitment to equine wellness and the all-natural formulation that supports your horse’s gastric health. Available in a convenient 10 lb package, it ensures a lasting supply of this essential equine digestive supplement.

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