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A white bag of MannaPro Horse Feed with a blue stripe and horse logo, sealed at the topManna Pro is known to provide nutrition-filled, high-quality feeds, supplements, and treats for horses. They focus on more comfortable ways of lifestyle while improving their products day by day. Manna Pro offers a wide range of variety of feeds to fulfill the needs of your horses of all ages and lifestyles. They offer 17 different feeds that are ranged from top performance to senior horse feed and everything in between.

They also offer a controlled starch feed line for specific dietary requirements. Blends by Manna Pro makes sure that your horses are getting the full nutrition that is needed to give them a happy and healthy life. These including special blends ensure that the horse is getting enough nutrition to be at its best.

Specially designed to focus on performance horses, they formulate a variety of feeds and supplements to build healthy and high-performance horses. It is offering horse owners to help their horses have healthy hooves and shiny coats in all age groups.

Manna Pro Product Line

Some of the products that are best in the market as per customers reviews are

  • Saddle-Up
  • 11% Sweet Pellet
  • Complete Horse 12
  • Leading EdgA 50 lbs bag that has a picture of brown horse running on green land of Super Horse pelleted feed for horses with enhanced nutrition, yeast culture, and Calf-Manna,
  • Manna Senior High Fat Pellets
  • Performance XL
  • Safe Performance Controlled Starch Formula
  • Safe Performance Elite High Fat
  • Safe Performance Senior
  • Safe Performance Special Diet
  • Super Horse 12-12
  • Super Horse Manna Senior
  • Super Horse Performance 10
  • Select 12-6 Pelleted Feed
  • Classic 12 Plus
  • High Fat Sweet 10
  • Round-Up Horse Feed
  • Manna Pro Pleasure 12%

Manna Pro offers a wide range of high-nutrition, high-fiber, healthy feeds, supplements, and treats. It has a variety of food of the best quality. Manna Pro was started with just basic horse feed but with time they have developed functional feed for special purposes and has constructed its product line. This feed mostly has friendly effects on your horse’s health. They are developing and formulating for maintaining horses’  health.

The product line includes products that are introduced to feed horses with special needs, performance horses, or horses with a certain disease. They have a variety of products to support horses with special needs, performance horses, easy keepers, racehorses, young and growing, seniors, and horses belonging to different ages and classes. It has digestible energy, crude protein, calcium, Vitamins, and minerals.


Red bag of MannaPro Senior Weight Accelerator for horses with a picture of a brown horse on a green hill. The label reads 'High in fat for weight & body condition' and lists benefits such as healthy skin & coat, immune support, and proper digestionManna Pro ensures your horse’s nutrition levels. Horse-Manna vitality supplements is a pelleted horse supplement that supports the nutritional values of feed. They make sure horses are getting enough crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, calcium, and dried yeast to help promote optimal digestion, 26 vitamins, and mineral for improved health. Feeds by Manna Pro is a source of fiber energy with high fat and fiber sources. It contains minerals, vitamins, protein carbohydrates, amino acids, and fat/ fatty acids to fulfill all energy needs. It has healthy ingredients for healthier improvements.

Treats and Supplements

There are treats for horses by Manna Pro. Treats by Manna Pro are all covered and coated with vitamins and minerals. Bite-sized treats are offered by Manna Pro t make it easy for riders or owners of horses to give their horses while heading to the barns.

Animal Testing

Every feed, treat, or supplement that is created and formulated is first tested and then made available for the customers. The testing process includes horses on whom they test their product. But animal cruelty is always discouraged and to test, they only offer willing clients. Without harming any animal, they test their products and make sure no horse or other livestock goes through any health deformities.

Product Comparison

A 50 lbs bag of Super Horse textured feed for horses with a picture of a brown horse running on a green field. Enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, yeast culture, and Calf-Manna proteinIn comparison with products from other companies, Manna Pro surely knows how to make their customer happy and content with the results. Providing them with full coverage feeds, they make sure that your horse is always in good shape and actively participating in life activities. As per customer reviews, Manna Pro is always considered more than others.

Manna Pro Product Recall

Manna Pro has a good track record when it comes to feeding and recalling. It is an outstanding track record for a company that has been making horse feed. It shows that they value the quality of feed more than quantity.

Customer Preferences

The most commonly used Manna Pro horse feed is Senior Horse feed. Customers trust Manna Pro with their senior friend’s health and growth. They meet the needs of senior horses for their joint health, metabolic disease, and many other issues. Manna Pro makes sure that your senior friend is happy, healthy, and active in his daily routine.


Manna Pro has a wide range of feeds for horses of all ages and lifestyles. Safe Performance line by Manna Pro provide controlled starch feed options for horses with special dietary needs. They are committed to providing high-quality feeds, supplements, and treats.


Manna appears safe for most people, when used short-term. In some people, manna might cause nausea or gas.
New corporate identity encompasses expansive growth in all segments of pet food. As of March 1, 2022, global pet care and nutrition company Manna Pro Products is now Compana Pet Brands, and according to CEO John Howe the new corporate identity has been a long time coming.
It's a great addition to any equine feeding program, as it enhances the nutritional value of any feed—even today's popular economy feeds.
Manna Pro Products is located in Chesterfield, Missouri, United States .

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