Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray

Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray

About This Item:

Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray | Rapid Knockdown Fly Repellent for Horses |Repels More than 70 Listed Species for up to 14 Days | 1 Gallon

  • Powerful Insect Protection: Eliminates over 70 species, such as flies, ticks, and mosquitoes, providing rapid knockdown and repelling action.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for horses, ponies, dogs, and can be used as a premise spray for comprehensive pest control.
  • Extended Protection: Guards against pests for up to 14 days, providing long-lasting defense.
  • Convenient Application: Ready to use formula, no mixing required, making it easy to spray and protect your animals.
Brand Manna Pro
Item Form Spray
Scent Unscented
Age Range (Description) All Life Stages
Item Weight 8 Pounds
Item Volume 1 Gallons

Introducing Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray, a dependable solution for safeguarding your horses against bothersome flies and other flying insects. This cutting-edge fly repellent offers swift knockdown action, effectively controlling pests that can cause irritation and disturbance to your horses.

Formulated with strength, the spray provides effective repellency against over 70 listed species of

  • flies
  • ticks
  • mosquitoes

ensuring thorough protection for your horses. Bid farewell to the annoyance and discomfort caused by these troublesome insects, and embrace uninterrupted outdoor adventures with your equine companions.

One of its remarkable features is its long-lasting effectiveness. Once applied, it provides up to 14 days of continuous protection, allowing your horses to enjoy their time outdoors without constant interruptions from flying pests. This means fewer applications and more convenient for you as a horse owner.

The convenient ready-to-use formula saves you time and effort. Simply grab the gallon-sized bottle, and you’re ready to spray without the hassle of mixing or diluting. This user-friendly feature ensures a seamless application process, making it a breeze to keep your horses protected from flies and other insects.

The product is not only suitable for horses but also works effectively on dogs. It kills and repels fleas and ticks, offering dual protection for your beloved canines. Additionally, it can be used as a premise spray, providing versatile insect control for your barn or stable.

Choose Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray for its proven effectiveness, long-lasting protection, and user-friendly application. Trust in this reliable fly repellent to keep your horses and dogs comfortable and free from the annoyance of biting and nuisance flies. Don’t let pesky insects ruin your outdoor adventures. Invest in Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray and enjoy fly-free days with your equine companions.


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