Ripe red strawberry on a green strawberry plant with white flowers

Horses & Strawberries

Yes, horses can enjoy strawberries in moderation as a treat due to their vitamins and low-calorie content, but ensure they are ripe, cut up, and given sparingly to avoid choking or digestive upset. When we talk about what to feed animals, we can see how animals love eating. They can have just about any feed.

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Three bags of Triple Crown horse feed labeled Perform, Senior, and Complete with pictures of horses on a white background

Triple Crown Horse Feed

Triple Crown provides high-quality equine meals to support the growth of your horse. They offer a wide variety of feed, forages, and supplements to meet all your horse’s nutritional needs. Out of their 11 feed variations and 7 different forage varieties, they provide products specially designed for elderly horses, easy-keepers, and performance horses. If you

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a brown horse with a white stripe and black mane in a green field, with a chocolate bar and the question 'Can horses eat chocolate?'

Can Horses Eat Chocolate?

Absolutely not! Horses should never eat chocolate, and it’s important to keep all forms of chocolate away from them.  On this, we want to concentrate. For many people, including myself who are consuming chocolate, it appears to be a captivating tale. Feeding chocolate causes unfavorable reactions in horses.  Horses, however, experience it entirely differently. For

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a brown horse with a black mane and tail galloping with a white outline of its digestive system, a black product bag with the horse's picture

Buckeye Nutrition

Buckeye Nutrition was started as a family-owned mill by The Pocock family. It is based in Massillon, Ohio. The Pocock family started the Buckeye Cereal Company in 1910. The quality of feed by Buckeye was the company’s main focus. They started as a horse feed Production Company but they eventually ventured into producing livestock feeds

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Brown horse with black mane in green field with jar of peanut butter in foreground and mountains in background

Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter?

Horses can eat peanut butter in moderation, but there are some important things to consider. Children and adults alike love peanut butter, and it has several health advantages. Dry-roasted peanuts are used to make this delectable snack spread. 90% of peanuts and 10% of additional components make up peanut butter. The components of peanut butter

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A curious horse in a kitchen looking at a bowl of yogurt with the text 'Can horses eat yogurt?' in a red speech bubble

Can Horses Eat Yogurt?

No, it’s generally not recommended for horses to eat yogurt. One of those adaptable meals, yogurt can be consumed for every meal and at any time of the day. Yogurt is a terrific accompaniment to most meals and is both delectable and inexpensive, whether you have it for breakfast or as a sauce for dinner. But

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Tribute Equine Nutrition Horse Feed

Tribute Equine Nutrition formulates their feeds and products’ nutrition so the horses will need to have less feed and supplements to fulfill their needs.  It’s a family-owned company producing horse feeds and supplements with special blends of soy-free feeds infused with nutritious seeds and vegetables. Their main focus is to have better growth of horses.

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