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Can Horses Swim

Can Horses Swim?

In the realm of equestrian curiosities, the question of whether horses can swim often piques the interest of both seasoned riders and novices. Contrary to popular belief, horses are not just land-dwelling creatures; many of them possess a remarkable ability to navigate the waters with surprising grace. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of equine …

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A weak, middle-aged horse grazing in a green field struggling to eat grass

What is HYPP in Horses?

HYPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis). Celery is a high-potassium food, and horses with HYPP are sensitive to potassium. Eating too much celery can trigger a HYPP episode, which can be life-threatening. Horses with Hypp It’s a genetic condition that affects horses. It causes a build-up of potassium in the blood, which can lead to muscle weakness, …

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Two brown horses with white markings in a stable, with a yellow text box asking if horses can eat bananas

Can Horses Eat Bananas?

When it comes to the dietary needs of horses, owners must understand what foods are safe and appropriate for their equine companions. Among the various fruits available, bananas often raise questions among horse owners. In this article, we will discuss the topic of whether horses can eat bananas and talk about the potential benefits and …

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Four horses in a field with yellow flowers and blue sky, wearing blue bridles, with a question about horse lifespan in yellow text

How Long Do Horses Live?

Horses are long-term commitments, and their lifespan significantly impacts the responsibilities and considerations associated with their care. With a clear understanding of how long horses typically live, you can make informed decisions about equine health, nutrition, exercise, and overall quality of life. I would say it is a majestic creature.  Horse’s Lifespan Let’s say you’re …

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