Majestic Ally – Holed Hay Net for Horses


Majestic Ally – Holed Hay Net for Horses

About This Item:

  • Premium quality 2.0″x2.0″ Hay Net for Horses and Livestock
  • Slow Feeder Net regulates the intake of Hay, improves digestion, and reduces waste
  • Heavy-Duty 4T poly Webbing
Size 11″x 8″ x 3″
Color 9 x Royal Colors
Brand Majestic Ally
Style Compact
Special Feature Adjustable

Majestic Ally 2 pcs 42″ Long and 2.0″x 2.0″ Holed Hay Net for Horses, Adjustable Travel Feeder, Regulate Intake of Hay hence Improve Digestion and Reduce Waste

About this item

  • Majestic Ally – Holed Hay Net for Horses is a 42-inch-long durable Hay Net For Horses that can hold approximately 3 to 5 flakes of Hay.
  • Twin Pack Multi Color Hay Nets – Come in pack of 2 so perfect for holding more hay at shows.
  • Slow feed regulates the intake of hay and hence reduces stomach problems and improves digestion. All for the better.
  • Available in Nine farm friendly colors -Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, Hurricane Blue, Patriotic, Light Green, and Turquoise
  • This 42″ hay feeder net is made from a soft and strong 4T poly wire and has 2″x2″ small holes for slow feeding

Product Description

Majestic Ally has designed this premium 42 Inch, 2.0″ x 2.0″ hole hay net for horses, goats, etc which is suitable for stall and travel feeding. We offer Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, Hurricane Blue, Light Green, Patriotic, and Turquoise farm-friendly colors. Our quality and durable hay nets come in packs of 2 so you get more options to use


Question: Is it easy to fill and tie?
Answer: Like most hay nets, the netting is springy and you have to get some hay in there so it starts to take the shape of a bag. The easiest way is to use a large barrel to hold the net open. Easy to tie.

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