Mare’s Diet During Pregnancy

Mare's Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a critical phase in the life of a mare, and proper nutrition plays an important role in the health and well-being of both the mother and the developing foal. A well-balanced mare’s diet for your pregnant mare is essential to support her changing nutritional needs. Let’s talk about the key elements some ideal diets during horse pregnancy.

Use Quality Forage as Mare’s Diet

A high-quality forage, such as alfalfa or grass hay, help form the foundation of your horse’s diet. Good-quality hay provides essential fiber, maintain digestive health and prevent pregnant mares from issues like colic. Should be noted that you have to increase the hay quantity gradually as mare progresses through pregnancy. Adequate forage ensures a steady supply of nutrients and helps prevent conditions like gastric ulcers.

Nutrient-Rich Balanced Feeds for Mare’s Diet

Opt for a concentrated feed specifically formulated for pregnant mares. These feeds are designed to provide essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein in the correct proportions. Ensure the pregnant horse feed contains a balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus, crucial for skeletal development in the foal. An imbalance can create developmental issues. Protein is vital for the growth of the developing foal, so select feed with a high protein content to support healthy fetal development.


Vitamins and Minerals in Mare’s Diet

Make sure you visit veterinarian to determine if additional vitamin supplementation is necessary. Vitamins A, D, and E are particularly important for the health of both mare and foal. Monitor mineral intake, especially calcium and phosphorus, as imbalances can impact bone development. A well-formulated concentrate and access to a mineral block can contribute to a balanced mineral intake.

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Hydration and Exercise

Make sure your pregnant mare has access to clean and ample water at all times. Proper hydration is crucial for digestion and overall health. So far we have talked about mare’s diet, feed, and water etc, but that not enough, moderate exercise throughout pregnancy is also important, it promotes circulation, helps maintain a healthy weight, and prepares the mare for foaling.

Veterinary Check-ups

Work closely with your veterinarian towards the diet of your mare’s by keeping in mind the specific needs of pregnant horse. Regular check-ups allow for adjustments based on the mare’s health and the progress of the pregnancy.

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A well-thought-out diet is a cornerstone of ensuring a healthy pregnancy for your mare. A right balance of forage, concentrates, vitamins, and minerals, along with proper hydration and exercise, you are laying the foundation for a successful and smooth pregnancy period and foaling. Consultation with a veterinarian to address individual variations and ensure the optimal health of both mare and lovely foal.


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