A curious horse in a kitchen looking at a bowl of yogurt with the text 'Can horses eat yogurt?' in a red speech bubble

Can Horses Eat Yogurt?

No, it’s generally not recommended for horses to eat yogurt.Β One of those adaptable meals, yogurt can be consumed for every meal and at any time of the day. Yogurt is a terrific accompaniment to most meals and is both delectable and inexpensive, whether you have it for breakfast or as a sauce for dinner. But […]

Can Horses Eat Yogurt?

A group of white mushrooms growing in a bed of dried grass

Can I Feed Mushrooms to Horse?

No, it’s generally not recommended to feed mushrooms to horses.Β The other morning, after a long night of rain, I was having my coffee when I couldn’t help but notice how many mushrooms had sprouted since the previous day. On walks or in my yard, I’ve always appreciated finding mushrooms, and I think they make a

Can I Feed Mushrooms to Horse?

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