a brown circle, white horse head silhouette, and text about horses eating ice cream, surrounded by horse heads and ice cream cones on a brown background with gold trophy icons

Can Horses Eat Ice Cream?

When it comes to feeding horses, it’s crucial to be aware of what foods are safe and appropriate for them. Horses have unique digestive systems and dietary needs, and certain foods can pose risks to their health. Understanding what horses can and cannot eat is essential for maintaining their health and well-being. Horses have sensitive …

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A field of green lettuce plants arranged in rows at different stages of growth

Can Horses Eat Iceberg Lettuce?

Horses are herbivorous animals and their digestive system is well adapted for breaking down fibrous plant materials. They are generally fed with hay, grass, and grains. However, as a horse owner, you may be wondering if you can add some variety to your horse’s diet by feeding them iceberg lettuce. Let’s explore whether horses can …

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A brown horse with a blonde mane being fed a green leafy plant (possibly lettuce) in a green field with a wooden fence, another horse grazing, and a mountain range in the distance

Can Horses Eat Clover?

Although some people believe that clovers are poisonous to horses. It is a valuable forage that provides sufficient amounts of protein, energy, and fibre to help our equines achieve their daily nutritional needs. so the question is “Can Horses Eat Clover?“ It is a common ingredient in hay mixtures, and it grows in three different …

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Ripe pineapples in a wooden crate

Can Horse Eat Pineapple?

Pineapple is a delicious treat for horses to enjoy, but it’s important to understand the precautions when feeding your horse with pineapple. Let’s discuss in detail how can horse eat this fruit and what nutritional benefits it can provide to our equine, how to safely feed this fruit to horses, and the risks associated when …

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Three large onions with light brown skin and green shoots growing from the top, partially covered in soil in a garden bed

Are Onions Safe for Horses?

As a horse owner, you want to ensure that your horse’s diet is nutritious and safe. Although horses may show interest in human food, not all of it is appropriate for their consumption. In this guide, we will discuss onions and why they should be avoided in your horse’s diet. What are onions for horses? …

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Bunch of ripening grapes hanging from a vine

Can Horses Eat Grapes?

Feeding horses with sweet treats is always a pleasure, and horses seem to enjoy fruits and vegetables as much as we do. One such fruit that is healthy and delicious for horses is grapes. However, horses should not be fed grapes regularly, as they contain a high sugar content that can be harmful to their …

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