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Tag: HorseEyeColor

Heterochromia In Horses - horses with different eye colors

Heterochromia in Horses

Heterochromia in Equines Heterochromia in horses refers to a condition where an individual horse has eyes of different colors. Unlike the typical uniform eye color seen in most horses, those with heterochromia exhibit a striking and unique feature where each eye may be a distinct color. This phenomenon adds to the individuality and visual appeal…

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BLUE EYED HORSES - Heterochromia in Horses

Blue Eyed Horses | What you need to know about blue eyed horses

Blue-eyed horses are a captivating and enchanting phenomenon within the equine world. The allure of these horses goes beyond their physical beauty, delving into the genetics and unique characteristics that set them apart. Let's explore the fascinating world of blue-eyed equine friends. The Genetics Behind Blue Eyes The striking blue eyes in horses are often linked…

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