a brown circle, white horse head silhouette, and text about horses eating ice cream, surrounded by horse heads and ice cream cones on a brown background with gold trophy icons

Can Horses Eat Ice Cream?

When it comes to feeding horses, it’s crucial to be aware of what foods are safe and appropriate for them. Horses have unique digestive systems and dietary needs, and certain foods can pose risks to their health. Understanding what horses can and cannot eat is essential for maintaining their health and well-being. Horses have sensitive …

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A close-up of a green head of broccoli with small florets surrounded by large green leaves.

Can Horses Eat Broccoli?

Can horses eat veggies like broccoli? As horse owners, we truly enjoy feeding our cherished horses a variety of crunchy fruits and veggies, but occasionally, we might be giving them unhealthful foods. You might be amazed at the number of healthy snacks that horses will consume, as most of them like eating a wide array …

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