a close-up of a pile of white marshmallows.

Can Horses Eat Marshmallows?

No, horses should not eat marshmallows. Despite their seemingly harmless appearance, marshmallows pose several risks to horses and are not recommended as a treat. As a horse owner, you are constantly searching for ways to provide your equine with delicious treats. While horses enjoy fruits such as apples, bananas, and grapes, you might be wondering

Can Horses Eat Marshmallows?

a brown horse with a white stripe and black mane in a green field, with a chocolate bar and the question 'Can horses eat chocolate?'

Can Horses Eat Chocolate?

Absolutely not! Horses should never eat chocolate, and it’s important to keep all forms of chocolate away from them.ย  On this, we want to concentrate. For many people, including myself who are consuming chocolate, it appears to be a captivating tale. Feeding chocolate causes unfavorable reactions in horses.ย  Horses, however, experience it entirely differently. For

Can Horses Eat Chocolate?

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